Structure of the Sammelan Toggle

The sammelan is a three-tire body with a Central committee, and district bodies; below it are the regional committees to be co-ordinated by the district bodies on behalf of the central committee.

The Central Committee, Kendriya samiti comprises a president, three vice- presidents, general secretary, asstt secretary, an office secretary, a treasurer, and a central executive committee elected by the respective district committees in their general meeting. Besides there are some sub-committees with a convener and members like cultural sub-committee, literary sub-committee, education research sub-committee, and an Akademi, named Bhasa Akademi, under the supervision of the central committee.

The three district committees, Jela samitis have their own president, secretary, and sub-committees as per the constitution, and the three districts have their own regional committees, Anchalik Samitis both in the urban as well as in the rural areas.

The membership would be offered by the regional committees under the supervision of the district committees against the receipt books issued by the central committee. The amount of subscription is deposited to the district committee with a deduction of a stipulated amount as per the provision of the constitution and sent to the central committee.

The tenure of each committee is two years after which new committee is formed in the general conference held biennially. For details see the constitution.